Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Occupy Pet Society!

Amazing news today on two fronts. 

This article appeared today on the Forbes website: 
Will The Community Be Able To #SavePetSociety From EA?

Forbes contributor Ewan Spence writes about the cross-section of technology, media & human nature. In the vast pond of 1.1 billion Facebook users, our small group of 32,000 passionate Pet Society players who refuse to move on to other games is being noticed. 

Does family-friendly Disney really want to be associated with a company that's being tagged as a pet-killer? 

How does pulling the plug on games that are still viable, with over one million players per month, affect players? Will those players, not to mention all their friends and relations, ever want to spend money on games they don't own again? Spence has an excellent take on these issues, and how companies should make the eventual shutdown of games a part of their overall plans. 

The other bit of good news, is that someone from the Please Save Pet Society group was able to speak with someone from EA corporate headquarters. They are aware of our stalwart band of pet parents who refuse to go away quietly.

We have 32,000 people from around the world who are actively engaged in an online game that transcends languages and borders and time zones. Pet Society knows no age limits. Some of us are deep into AARP territory. Other are well under the official FB age limit of 13. (Playing under parental supervision, mind you.) 

Somewhere deep inside the most cynical and grizzled of each of us there is a bright, playful,  curious inner child. In the pixels of Pet Society we breathe that air once again. We remember. 

If everyone played Pet Society, we'd have world peace, my husband often says. Seeing the posts in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, and Greek, not to mention whatever they are saying in Kanji or Korean or Chinese -- I have to agree.

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