Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Remembering The Fun Times

I just took a trip down memory lane as I searched out and compiled a list (lower right) of some of the appearances our pets Scoop and Tizzy made in another blog we enjoyed, Pet Society Anonymous. The writer has moved on to other endeavors, but her blog remains as a chronicle of week-to-week changes and the sheer inventive play the game inspired.

Here are some teaser photos that showcase the variety of imagination Pet Society inspires.

Tizzy, left, was thrilled to be included in this photomontage tribute to Sex and the City. Cocktails had just been introduced, carefully labelled as "juice." Parties had not yet been introduced, so having an image with four pets in the same room was quite thrilling. 

Tizzy was besotted with the New York fashion theme and redecorated her own room in a similar manner. Shortly after this photo was taken, I placed the cosmo glass on the floor while rearranging the furnishings. James was watching as Tizzy helped herself to the cocktail, which she downed glass and all as we were helpless with laughter. It was a large drink for a small pet!

Scoop gained renown for his gardening skills. There was an art to growing and harvesting the vegetables, and Scoop worked diligently to assemble cabbages of various sizes. 

But Sccop's true noteriety came when he decided in 2009 to create Burning Pet, his own fantasy of what Burning Man must be like, constructed out of various objects available within the Pet Society game. 

Everyone was welcome at Burning Pet, even Hideeni. The Pet Society artists/animators supplied various costume changes, such as the sporadically erupting volcano mask that Scoop is wearing, which fit well with the theme. There were also potions that induced interesting effects. Our friends who are Burners were quite amused at what Scoop was able to accomplish. We'll leave it to James to tell that story later.

For those of us who don't draw, it's great fun to see a children's storybook unrolling before your eyes. You just added a little imagination -- like being a kid again. 

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