Friday, May 17, 2013

Simple Pleasures: Greeting Friends

One of the nicest parts of playing Pet Society is having a circle of friends who are active players, and having your pet visit them every day. This does generate "points" within the game, but it's become a lovely experience in itself, and one that I shall miss profoundly when Electronic Arts shuts the game down forever in a few weeks.  Today's photo sequence shows my pet Tizzy greeting pets of active players. Half of them are real-time friends and half are friends I know only though Facebook, but would be happy to meet some day.

Hedwig keeps a very grand entrance hall and wonderful seasonal theme rooms.

Not sure what is happening on Bocopai's planet, but it's colorful.

I love you, Mr. E, but don't spill your wine glass!

Gustav's red planet is very animated.

Hello, Biddy! A new friend in England.

Greeting to Madison, whose human we still hope to meet in person.

We did get to meet Yogi's human in person after years of internet correspondence.

Miss Bubbles is surrounded by hungry petlings, not unlike her human.

Scoop has a party going at his winery. 
The beautiful backdrops were created by Pet Society artists, 
and could be purchased within the game with coins you earned as you played.
This one looks like the Sonoma Valley wine region.

Miss Hiss knows it's fun sometimes just to enjoy the sweetness.

More sweetness with Sprite. 

 Nana needs a drink after all her work to Please Save Pet Society.

My real-life friend's pet Lilac has wise words on her crawl: 
"I am very sad to know Pet Society is coming to an end. 
Lilac will always love you and live on in spirit."

Love is what it's all about.
No one can stop us from loving our Pets, and the humans behind them.

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