Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Genteel Protest

Needless to say, this had been a rough week in Pet Society. Tizzy has nearly half a million coins to spend before June 14. She's been putting out dozens of wine glasses at her wine bar for the guests at the parties she will be hosting as long as she can. Unfortunately only Tizzy can consume the wine, so she's been tidying up a lot.

Once I learned that only a small percentage of customers spend real money in online games, I made a point of keeping Tizzy's Pet Cash Stash replenished, often during seasonal "deals." It averaged out to about $10 a month, roughly what I'd spend on a couple of lattes and a movie admission. It was worth that to me to "Vote With My Dollars" for the game I enjoyed. And it let me keep Tizzy in a classy wardrobe, thanks to the amazing staff of artists who work on this game. 

The outfit Tizzy is wearing is based on the lovely tea gowns that were popular in the 1890s. It was part of a theme week loosely based on Lord of the Rings. Maybe I should make myself one of these in solidarity with my pet! (Image from Project Gutenberg. Search on "tea gown image Liberty Worth" for more museum gowns.)

Today I made my little Facebook protest. I change my profile photo to Grumpy Cat carrying the placard that says "Do Not Shut Down Pet Society."  I will be changing the photos to show off Tizzy's theme rooms. She has a bit of Sarah Winchester in her, I think. There are so many beautifully drawn items that you can buy in Pet Society, I enjoy putting them together.

Wine glasses were very rare in Pet Society at first. I wondered if the artists were taking decorating cues from Tizzy when they started including wine glasses in many setups! She often has either tea or wine set out on tables in case her pet friends come to visit when we are not watching.

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