Friday, April 19, 2013

The Real Martian Week

One of the best things about Pet Society is seeing what people do with the same stock of props and set pieces.  In the last few years, Pet Society would announce a theme for each week.  Theme-related merchandise would appear in the shops and  players would mix and match the elements with older items and see how they might repurpose items in a creative way.

What's that you say, Bocopai?  The ice planet is dangerous?

Why do I feel so strange?

It all makes sense now.
When "Mars and Venus" week was announced, Bocopai was thrilled.  Until he found out it wasn't actually about the planets Mars and Venus, but the notion that "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."  That's not right, he told me.  He wanted to do a theme week that had Martians and the Red Planet and was fun.

Fortunately, Pet Society provides a canvas upon which we could draw our desires.  A little collaboration with some other players and Bocopai's Martian Week Theme took on a little life of its own in our corner of the pet's society.  Bocopai designed the ice planet and the "Martian" look himself.  That week, several of us played along.

Gustav and Chloe armed for the Mars Week Takeover!

Martian Chloe follows Martian Leader Louis into battle!

Spaceman Scoop demands, "Take me to your leader!"

Space Princess Tizzy firmly ushers Martian Chloe out of the room.

Martian Chloe reports back to Team Leader Gustav on her failure

Let's return to our home planet.

Welcome to Mars!

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