Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pet's Performance

In a post on the Save Pet Society blog the author requests (on behalf of many of us) "If it is infeasible to develop new themes, we would be more than happy for things to stay as they are, so long as we can still visit our pets. The thousands of items (clothing, furniture, decor, etc.) Playfish has already designed for this game are enough to keep us happy for years."

I wholeheartedly agree.  The artists and designers of Pet Society really understood how to create useful (in fact, multi-useful) items and settings that could mix and match in virtually limitless ways.  To prove the point, I went into Pet Society yesterday and created a series of vignettes, depicting the 14 canon shows in the Gilbert and Sullivan repertoire, to show how versatile the existing stock can be.

So, in order of initial production date:
Thespis, or, The Gods Grown Old
Trial by Jury
The Sorcerer
HMS Pinafore, or, The Lass that Loved a Sailor
The Pirates of Penzance, or, The Slave of Duty
Patience, or, Bunthorne's Bride
Iolanthe, or, The Peer and the Peri
Princess Ida, or, Castle Adamant
The Mikado, or, The Town of Titipu
Ruddigore, or, The Witch's Curse
The Yeomen of the Guard, or, The Merryman and his Maid
The Gondoliers, or, The King of Barataria
Utopia, Limited, or, The Flowers of Progress
The Grand Duke, or, The Statutory Duel
And there you have it.  A concrete example of how many different looks I was able to get with my existing inventory and a few free minutes.  Even if the game was not updated, there would still be plenty of play value.  So I urge EA to consider keeping the game alive, or sell the property to a company that would continue to run it, even if they never updated it.  My pet still has stories she wants to tell.

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Danine Cozzens said...

"My pet still has stories she wants to tell." How true that is! And what a brilliant demonstration of how one can repurpose objects in Pet Society. Yes, we would be happy to play with our pets and the existing inventory of objects in Pet Society. We don't need new swag every week or quests to enliven the game -- the liveliness just seems to happen when you pay attention to your pet and its friends.